Therapeutics of Nipha virus: Recent Development and Advances


  • Anshu
  • Bhardwaj Muskan
  • Sharma Himachal
  • Rana Pratibha


The Nipah virus (NiV) is a virus with high fatality rate causes mortality. Historically afflicted many developing countries. Several countries with developing economies, including Future outbreaks are likely to threaten Thailand, Cambodia & Madagascar, according to Centres for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Little has been accomplished in nearly 20 years since 1st case of NiV was reported in terms of developing a treatment & vaccine. Since many underdeveloped countries lack capacity to combat epidemic, it is imperative to properly educate health systems. An epi demiological back-drop, comprehension of how this lethal virus is transmitted, how it appears & methods of diagnosis & prevention are among aims of this review. The emergence of novel viruses & diversity of viruses are occurring at an alarming rate. Due to the sudden emergence of the (NiV), serious concerns have been raised over its immediate management using conventional medical treatments & testing processes. When (NiV) enters host cell via a cell surface receptor, syncytium is created. The virus is discharged into circulation & spreads to other organs as syncytium gradually breaks down. By targeted tagging & blocking action of viral surface proteins, NiV infection can be selectively detected & neutralised with aid of nanotechnology. Creating a targeted nano-system against these expressed pro-teins may also aid in preventing spread of viral infection because NiV-infected cells also produce these viral surface proteins, which aid in creation
of the syncytium.







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