Development & Optimization of Anthelmintic Activity of Herbal Formulation


  • Singh Atul Pratap
  • Prakash Satya
  • Kumar Raj
  • Aggarwal Mansi
  • Jaiswal Aakash Kumar
  • Komal


Trichosanthes dioica, Azadirachta indica, Anthelmintic activity, Ascaridia galli


Various Asian traditional writings refer to Azadirachta indica leaves and Trichosanthes dioica seeds as herbal
medication used for anthelmintic purposes ethno pharma-cologically. The goal of current study was to produce a
herbal formulation including A. indica leaves & T. dioica seeds and evaluate its anthelmintic activity in order to
determine the optimal dose for pronounced efficacy. For the development of the formulation as tablets, preformulation investigations were carried out. Experiments were conducted on nematodes & Ascaridia galli in
order to assess & improve anthelmintic efficacy of formulations F1, F2 & F3. The medication albendazole was
prescribed frequently. For each formulation as well as the standard, amount of time needed for worm paralysis &
death (lethal time) was documented. The findings showed that A. galli was significantly paralyzed & killed by
treatment with all formulations. By showing quickest paralysis & fatal times, F1 formu-lation (1:1 ratio of both
plant extr-acts) proved highest effectiveness as an ant-helmintic.







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